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People seek psychotherapy for many different reasons:
  • Do you need help dealing with life stress, trauma, anxiety, or addictions?  
  • Is life and work going well but you have a nagging feeling that things could be better?  

Through a process of exploration, we will learn more about the sources of your difficulties, and gain a greater understanding of the ways in which certain thoughts, feelings, or behaviors may be limiting your joy or satisfaction in life. Together, we will work to identify your treatment needs and goals, with steps and solutions that work for you.  Therapy can be time-limited or open-ended depending on your needs.

Psychotherapy may help individuals to:
  • Gain increased self-awareness
  • Find relief from emotional distress 
  • Learn new ways of coping with life stress
  • Build self-esteem and reduce insecurities
  • Increase satisfaction with relationships, school, or work 

A strong loving relationship provides a secure base from which we can learn and grow and face life’s challenges.  
  • Yet, many couples find themselves locked in negative interactional cycles that they can’t seem to escape from, that lead to more hurt, rejection, and frustration.  
  • One way to understand more about why these patterns occur is to identify the emotions, needs, and fears that underlie these interactions and learn new ways of communicating with and relating to each other.

My goal is to work collaboratively with couples to increase the level of satisfaction in their relationships. Couples therapy is often time-limited with significant benefits achieved between 8 to 24 sessions.

Couples Therapy serves many functions including helping couples:
  • Reduce conflicts and arguments
  • Learn more about each other’s needs and fears
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Increase the emotional connection, trust, and intimacy in their relationships

My Style and Approach
My style is warm, engaging and collaborative.  I take an integrative approach to the therapeutic process, drawing from psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness perspectives.  Click here to learn more about my treatment approaches and areas of specialization.

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