Alcohol or Substance Misuse Counseling and Psychotherapy

  • Do you have a hard time stopping drinking or drug use once you have started?
  • Have you or others felt you need to cut back on your drinking or drug use?
  • Have you developed physical or psychological problems because of your drinking or drug use but continue to use anyway?
  • Have you felt guilty about things you did or said while you were drunk or using drugs?

If you answered yes to any of those questions and would like help, contact me for more information.

A person’s motivation to change is an important predictor of success in alcohol or substance misuse treatment. Individuals often vary in their level of motivation and readiness to change. Some individuals may not view their substance use as problematic and thus are not considering making a change right now. Others may be contemplating change yet have mixed feelings about whether or not they want to stop or reduce their use. Finally, some individuals may have worked through their mixed feelings about changing and are ready to take the steps necessary to change.

During our consultation, we will work together to identify where you are in the stages of change and tailor our work together accordingly.

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Lesia M. Ruglass, Ph.D.Alcohol or Substance Misuse Counseling and Psychotherapy